19.2° Ost

19.2 ° Ost, 2022

Polished satellite dishes, Globalisierung – Deglobalisierung
Bad Schwanberg / Leipzig

Not scattered, but bundled, we receive them from all over the world. With 19.2° East in orbit, Astra 1 broadcasts to all of Europe. And what happens if we change the axis? Let‘s break with the norm, point the satellite dish towards heaven and earth. Deglobalize globalization, ennoble the eyesores, celebrate aesthetic impairment and pay homage to electrosmog. In honour of controversy.

19.2° Ost is a conceptual work that consits of two satellite dishes which have been polished to mirrorlike reflection and installed in public space in convex and concave position. 19.2° Ost refers to the orbit of satellite Astra to which all satellite dishes in Europe are pointing. The work indicates to the impact of globalisation in terms of limitations and unification of informationtransfer within Europe. The installation aims to break with the global norms of function and the ideals of architectual (un)aesthetic.